Top 10 Master Programs to Study in Canada: Unveiling Excellence in Canadian Education

Discover the top 10 master's programs to study in Canada and unlock amazing job opportunities. From MBA in Business and Finance to Computer Science and IT, get insights into the best universities and courses in the country.

Top 10 Master Programs to Study in Canada: Unveiling Excellence in Canadian Education
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Apr 15, 2023 03:06 AM
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Canada is fast becoming the new global hub for international students. According to the Canadian Bureau of International Education 2016, 353,000 international students were studying in Canada, which is a surge of over 90%, since 2008. The influx of international students in a single year has contributed over 8 billion dollars to the Canadian economy. Canada’s overall standard of education is rapidly improving. As per the latest survey by QS World University, seven of its universities feature among the world’s top 150 universities. If you have been planning to pursue your higher education in Canada, here is a list of top 10 master’s programs to study in Canada.
This article will help you understand the details of various courses, best universities in the country that offer these courses, as well as the job opportunities that follow after graduating from said programs.
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MBA in Business and Finance - A top choice for Master's program to study in Canada

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Master’s in Business Administration in finance deals with the effective management of a company and its resources, and in the process, making sure that the company works efficiently. An MBA in Business and Finance offers you the opportunity to work in small-size firms as well as medium-sized firms which make up for 50% of the total Canadian economy. Canada provides you with a great environment to grow and learn. In Canada, the competition for jobs is lower as compared to the US, and employees get immediate recognition for their work. There are plenty of opportunities to progress and rise to the very top of the firms you choose to work at.
Schulich School of Business in York University and Rotman School of Management in the University of Toronto are some of the best institutions for an MBA in Canada. They have an international presence and world-class amenities. The cost of an MBA varies from 40,000 CAD to 100,000 CAD. This amount is significantly lower than the tuition costs in most American institutions. The cost of living can be high as the average standard of living in Canada is about 20,000 CAD which is much higher than that of most countries. The exact amount may vary depending on your lifestyle and the city you live in.
Once you complete your MBA, you can apply for various jobs in Canada such as junior manager, manager or treasurer depending upon the profile that presents itself. Companies generally pay a reasonable sum of money to people in management, ranging between 60,000 CAD to 200,000 CAD per annum.

Computer Science and IT

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Computer Science has become one of the most sought-after fields of study in Canada as technology is continuously going improving, and we need to keep ourselves up-to-date with these changes to remain relevant. A vast majority of universities in Canada now offer some form of computer science education. However, it is not always easy to figure which schools provide the best programs, and for that, you can refer to QS ranking. There are also other credible university rating agencies which you can look for on the web for more details.
University of Ottawa and Carleton University are some of the best institutions to study in Canada as they have world-class infrastructure and modern teaching methods that meet the industry demands. The cost of education can vary considerably depending on the scholarships you avail.
There are many jobs you can look forward to once you have completed your MS in CS. You can work as a data analyst, consultant or as a web developer. All of these are high paying jobs. Remuneration for such positions in Canada generally varies from 60,000 CAD to 80,000 CAD.

Engineering and Engineering Management

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Engineering degrees and Master’s in Engineering Management programs are in high demand and one of the most chosen programs to study in Canada. Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand for engineers. More than 7,000 jobs were added last year due to increased demand for well-qualified engineers.
McGill University, Montreal (McGill) and University of Windsor (U Windsor) are some of the best universities in Canada for Engineering Management and Engineering. The average cost is around 20,000 CAD. However, the tuition cost in universities like MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland) is about 3,000 CAD making it one of the most price-effective programs in the country. MUN is also one of the most in-demand universities in Canada, especially among civil, mechanical and electrical engineering students.
Engineering graduates are generally well paid, especially those with knowledge in software such as AutoCAD. Average salaries typically vary from 40,000 CAD to 100,000 CAD, depending on your expertise in the industry.

Renewable Energy

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With the use of fossil fuels becoming increasingly controversial, governments all over the world are encouraging the use of renewable energy to help protect the environment. Canada is one of the world leaders in promoting the use of renewable energy.
Mcmaster University is a prominent university in the country that offers a master’s program in renewable energy. The course costs around 8,000 CAD to 18,000 CAD. Most universities also offer scholarships depending on your grades and this will help you in attaining education at a relatively low cost. Mining, Geology and Geo-informatics are the preferred specializations in this field.

Agriculture Science and Forestry

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Pollution levels have been on the rise for quite some time which has led to various problems in our ecosystem, one of them being disruptions in agriculture and forestry. Studies in this field generally aim to produce more food stock from limited land resources. Agriculture science is a relatively new field, and it provides you with ample opportunity to grow without having to face the brunt of competition.
The University of Saskatchewan, University of British Columbia, and Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology are amongst the best universities in Canada. They offer a wide array of degrees in this field. The annual tuition fee for these courses varies from 15,000 CAD to 25,000 CAD depending on your choice of university and the specific course you select. With this degree, you can apply to jobs of agricultural scientists, agronomists, forestry consultants and farming consultants. The government also provides you with an opportunity to work with them in a professional capacity if you are found to be capable of making significant inroads into this topic.


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Healthcare is a very important sector in Canada. It plays a vital role in medicine development and assists in overcoming various diseases. Healthcare is a research-based industry that requires tenacious work.
The University of Ottawa and the University of Guelph are among the best universities in Canada that offer programs in the field of healthcare and science. They have the best faculties and infrastructure in the country. On an average, universities charge less than 1000 CAD per year as they get sufficient government funding. Sub-fields such as pharmacy and biotech also come under healthcare. Healthcare professionals and doctors are well-paid in Canada. Most of them make over 100,000 CAD per annum. The working conditions are quite good, and they are protected under the government’s umbrella of public healthcare.


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Digital media has become the new norm; people look at it as a way to quench their thirst for information and entertainment. Broadcasters are becoming more prominent than ever and have an impact on how people view things. There is an urgent need for professionally trained journalists.
Ryerson University and Carleton University are two of the best universities in Canada that provide great courses in journalism. The tuition fee of these universities is approximately 20,000 CAD per annum. They provide excellent placement opportunities and give you a modern approach to journalism. Digital media, advertising, marketing, public relations, journalism are a few examples of the jobs available to you once you complete a degree in journalism. The annual pay scale averages around 40,000 CAD.

Human Resources

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Recruiting people can be quite a task for any company and finding a good employee is the basis on which a company prospers. Getting a degree in Human Resources can be helpful in finding a full-time job. Most of the top tier companies are always on the lookout for people who are well equipped in dealing with such situations.
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology in Canada is among the best universities when it comes to human resource development. It has a great history of shaping young talent for excellent prospects. They help you develop a good sense of judgement and analyse complex matters with ease. The average tuition fee, including books, fee and boarding costs for a program in HR is 36,000 CAD. Generally, the pay scale of HR is 60,000 CAD per year, but it can go as high as 100,000 CAD after you have gained substantial experience in the field. It is one of the safest jobs in Canada.

Mathematics and Statistics

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Math is the focal post of any analytical job in the IT field or any other field of statistics. Toronto UBC and Waterloo are some of the best universities in Canada if you want to sharpen your skill in the field of Mathematics and Statistics.
The average tuition fees for most of the universities stand at 16,644 CAD per year. After you complete your graduation in mathematics, you can go into specialized subfields like Data analysis. You can also get a PhD and go into academia to become a professor.
The link below is a comprehensive guide for international students who are aspiring to study in Canada:


It is vital that you weigh all the pros and cons of each subject and your own skills before finalizing upon a course to take. Choosing the right university is crucial as it helps you get suitable education and job opportunities. You can choose from the list of top 10 Master programs to study in Canada depending upon your subject of interest and its practical viability.