Tourist Attractions in Canada: Best Places to Visit

Discover the top tourist attractions in Canada, from the majestic Niagara Falls to the breathtaking Banff National Park. Explore the beautiful landscapes and natural wonders of the second-largest country in the world.

Tourist Attractions in Canada: Best Places to Visit
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Home to nearly sixteen world heritage sites, beautiful national parks, theme parks and the largest ski resort, Canada is breathtakingly beautiful. The second largest country in the world has no dearth of natural wonders extending from coast to coast. The western, central and northern provinces of Canada boast of mountains, valleys, rivers and falls. We have made an attempt to write about some of the top tourist attractions in Canada that you can visit as an international student.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Situated in the Ontario province is the Canadian city of Niagara Falls which is also the home to the world-famous waterfalls called the Niagara Falls. The most extensive section of the falls is the Horseshoe region, located in the west banks of the Niagara River. Tourists are allowed to visit the area between the cliffside Niagara Falls and promenade and the various observation towers, hotels, museum, casinos and more. You can take a boat tour called the Maid of the Mist that will take you through all the places between the Canadian part of Niagara Falls and the misty American counterpart.
You can also attempt to make your glass at the Corning Glass Factory and Museum or spend time at the MarineLand, where you will get the chance to meet all sorts of aquatic animals. Niagara falls ranks highly among the top tourist attractions in Canada.
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Best time to visit: June to August

Banff National Park

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Located in the west of Calgary in the Rocky mountains is Canada’s first national park, the Banff National Park. The Banff National Park’s beautiful turquoise glacial lakes, majestic mountains and unique wildlife are the dream destination for photographers. You will find many bird and animal species such as the grizzly bear, wolverine, bighorn sheep, and moose at this national park. Another interesting fact about this tourist attraction is its 80 and 55 million years old sedimentary rock mountains. Every year millions of visitors from around the world visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and nature’s wonder.
  • Location: Alberta, Canada
  • Best time to visit: June to August and December to March

Bay of Fundy

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Home to the world’s highest tides and some of the rarest marine life in the world, the Bay of Fundy is one of the seven wonders of the North American continent. The word Fundy is considered to be derived from the word Fendu or split, as it is located between two Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Thousands of people visit the unique Canadian coastline of the Bay of Fundy every year.
The high tides of Fundy are a result of its unusual topography and its natural resonance. The height of the high tide at Fundy may range from 11 feet(3.5m) to 53feet(16 m). Another reason that makes the Bay of Fundy one of the must-see tourist attractions in Canada is its dinosaur fossils and semi-precious mineral reserves. Visit the Hopewell Rocks to enjoy the tides of Fundy best.
  • Location: Between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada
  • Best time to visit: End of May, June, July, August, end of September, October


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Source: Adventure Canada
Situated on the west coast of Hudson Bay is the town of Churchill  which is also known as the ‘polar bear capital of the world’. Generally touted to be solitary animals, the polar bears of Churchill town are a different story. You will be able to see many of these white bears on the shore of the Hudson during autumn. Tourists can view these mammals in their natural habitat during a safari in a reinforced vehicle designed to travel in the Tundra Terrain.
The area is also known for Beluga whales and seasonal bird-watching of nearly 270 species. Due to the amount of solar activity and the northernmost location of the town, you will be able to see the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis during the wintertime.
  • Location: North Manitoba, Canada
  • Best time to visit
    • For polar bears: fall
    • For birdwatching: May to August
    • For northern lights: winter

CN Tower

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Source: The Telegraph
One of the tallest standing structures in the world, the CN Tower is 1,815.3 feet (553.3 m) in height. The CN Tower was built by the Canadian Railway company in 1976, with the aim of demonstrating superiority of the Canadian industries. On top of the tower is a revolving 360 restaurant, which has a mesmerising lookout and a glass floor.
Millions of people from around the world visit the iconic CN tower every year. Currently, it is the tallest man-made structure in the western hemisphere, making it one of the unique tourist attractions in Canada.
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Best time to visit: You can visit CN Tower anytime of the year; however it is best to visit the CN tower from 9 to 11 am, or after 5 pm to avoid crowds.

Gros Morne National Park

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Source: Gros Morne National Park
Gros Morne National Park is one of the most important world heritage sites in Canada. The 1.2 billion years old eroded remnants of the Gros Morne mountain range in the National Park is significant for geological studies, especially for understanding the formation of continents and oceans. Gros Morne, meaning the great sombre, is the outermost range of the Appalachian Mountains.
Apart from the beautiful mountain ranges, the park is also a popular site for a range of wildlife varying in size, species and habitats. Black bears, moose, whales are the most common types of wildlife found here. During summers, the park is a popular site for snowmobiling and skiing.
  • Location: Between Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  • Best time to visit: End of May to Mid-October.

Old Montreal

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Source: Cdn
Established by the French in the year 1642, Vieux-Montréal or the Old Montreal is a historically significant neighbourhood in the Quebec province of Canada and among the vintage tourist attractions in Canada. The old port of Montreal is surrounded by the Ruelle des Fortifications to the north, the St Lawrence River to the south, the McGill street and rue Saint-André on the west and east,respectively. This 17th-century neighbourhood has many historical landmarks that played an important part in the history of Montreal such as Notre-Dame Basilica, Gothic Revival church, Pointe-à-Callière museum, the famous Clock tower and the Montreal Science Centre. You can enjoy a fabulous meal or just a cup of nitro cold brew coffee in the vibrant cafes and restaurants on the streets of Old Montreal.
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Best time to visit: March to May, September to November

Old Quebec

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Source: Mansion Global
Like the Vieux-Montréal, the Vieux- Quebec or the Old Quebec is an important historic neighbourhood in the Quebec province of Canada. Its neighbourhood is divided into two – the upper town and the lower town. While the upper town consists of the historic Citadelle fort, the Grand Château Frontenac hotel, St. Lawrence River and Terrasse Dufferin and the lower town situated at the bottom of the Cap Diamant, consists of famous museums, theatres, the Gare du Palais and more. Thousands of people arrive at the Old city every year to be a part of the famous annual Carnaval d’hiver or the winter carnival and Festival d’été de Quebec or the summer festival. The city is designed in a manner that you can travel the entire city walking; you will find several walking tours across the city.
  • Location: Quebec City, Canada
  • Best time to visit: June to September and December to February

Jasper National Park

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Source: National Geographic
Spread across 11000 square km is the Canadian Rockies’ largest national park, the Jasper National Park. The breathtaking national park was also declared as the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in the year 1984, along with some other national parks to form the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. Before the Jasper National park was granted the status of a national park in1930, it was known as Jasper Forest Park.
Thousands of mammalian species, such as elk, grey fox, wolverine, porcupine and avian species like the bald eagle, great horned owls, white-tailed ptarmigans, are the commonly found wildlife in the park. The National park’s beautiful lakes, waterfalls, glaciers and mountains are undoubtedly a paradise for avid photographers.
  • Location: West Alberta, Canada
  • Best time to visit: March to May and September to November


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Source: Whistler Blackcomb
Located to the North of Vancouver on the spectacular Coast Mountains is the famous municipality of Whistler. Whistler is considered a resort municipality due to its famous Whistler Blackcomb resort. Millions of people come to the black comb resort for skiing and snowboarding during the winter and mountain biking during the summer. The place has won many awards for being the top destination for skiing in the North American continent. Some of the popular tourist attractions of the district are the Whistler mountain, Gondola Whistler, Blackcomb peak and the lost lake.
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Best time to visit: June to August and between December and March


Canada is undoubtedly a beautiful country that has several stunning places worth a visit. If you are an international student looking to explore the tourist attractions in Canada, this blog will come in handy. There are locales for all reasons and all seasons. Plan your trip ahead after getting to know your academic calendar so that you can make the most of your vacation time.

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